My name is Eva (Eriksen is my last name if you must know - I prefer to be informal, though),
I've enjoyed the wonders of Polymer clay for close to 20 years, but really didn't "get into it", until I got online about 3 years ago and met a whole bunch of sharing and caring gals and guys on the Polymer Clay Central's message board.  Through and with them I learned so much already and the learning goes on and on and on....


These two beautiful young ladies are my daughters.
Ina,  (left), and Tamara.

They have both left home but settled close by, and I have the pleasure of their visits ever so often.


This is Pelle, a mix of smooth foxterrier and dalmatian. He's too big to be a lapdog and I've told him that a zillion times - he just doesn't get it. Other than that, he's pretty smart when he wants to be. A sweet and loving companion and a good (and healthy) excuse to get out for a walk even when the weather is rough.  


On August 23rd 2006, I was granted the priviledge of becoming a grandmother to  a sweet little baby girl.

Here's Ina, her hubby René and the little bundle of joy.



.... a very proud gramma.






Here's aunt Tamara
ooohing and aaahing 





On August 4th 2007 aunt
Tamara herself became a
mother to this little guy.
His name is Micas.



Here's a happy daddy.


...and grandma is still proud.








My parents enjoying their
third greatgrandchild at
cousin Leanna's first birthday.



This is a holding place for pictures
of my little house and smaller garden