Polyler er som skabt til smykkefremstilling - kun fantasien sætter grænser for dine kreationer.

Tube Beads
Hollow Tube Beads
Emma's Feather Beads
Rainbow Filigree
Coil Beads
Lace cane beads
Butterfly Wing Bead
Faux Chevron Bead
Chevron Style Beads
Lentil Swirl Beads
Bead-N-Bead (Lost wax)
Foldover filigree beads
Spool Beads
Gold and Silver Surround Beads
Mud and scrap beads
Twisted Bead Long Necklace
Leaf Accent Bead
Moebius bead
Moebius bead (earrings)
Transfer Bead
Round bead with Water Tattoos
Rubber stamped beads
Scrapendipity Beads
Crackled Focal Bead
Valentine Hearts
Valentine Heart Beads
Pillow Beads
Rubarb's Pillow Beads
Faux Mokume Gane Pillow Beads
Pillow Beads (no pics)
Cabachons or Flying Saucer
Saturn Beads
Cool Summer Beads (PDF)
Fiorato Beads
Multi-Layered Bead
Barbara's Scrappy Swirls
Rubarb's Swirled Lentils with beadcaps
Barbara's Stained Glass Tiles
Twisted Focals
Floral Lentil (PDF)
Floral Spacers
Two-toned lentil
Crayon Shavings Inclusion Beads
Carved Antiqued Bead
Water Color/Torn Paper Bead
Ponsawan's 50 beads in 5 colors (scroll)
Ponsawan's Lava Beads (scroll)
Crackled Inlay
Asian Bead Bracelet
Quick Bracelet Sets
Terra Cotta Bead Bracelet
Mica Shift Tile Bracelet
Stamped Tile Bracelet
Easy Bracelets
Textured Bracelet
Red, White and Blue Bracelet
Garden Bangle
Braided Clay Bracelet
Antiqued Faux Cameo
Gothic Tile Bracelet
Transfer Bracelet
Safety Pin Bracelet
Easy Polymer Clay Canes Bracelet
Polymer Clay and Bead Bracelet Watch
Leafy Tile Bracelet
Chunky Channels Bracelets
Washi Paper Tile Bracelet
Snakeskin Bangle
Easy and Elegant Bracelet
Clay and Wire
Egyptian Earrings
Heart-shaped earrings with holografic foil
Birdhouse earrings
Dog Earrings in Polymer Clay
Flip Flops
Rabbit Hairbands
Hair Slides
Rainbow Filigree
Polymer Clay Hair Barrettes
Tiger Lily Barrette
CD-Sparkle Barrettes
Box pendants from Petit Four Cutters (scroll)
Stamped Machbox Amulet
Matchbox Amulets
Rock Amulet
Clay Box Necklace
Purse Necklace
Macramé and Polyclay Ring
Clay Rings
Beaded Belt
Rainbow Jellyroll Keyring
Polymer Clay Watch
Cords of Clay
Polymer Clay Photo Key Chain
Sushi Necklace
Skinner Blend Necklace
Classic Black and White Necklace
Lentil Necklace
Egyptian Style 3-Strand Choker
Bow Tie Necklace
Heart Lariat Necklace (PDF)
Sunny Necklace
Cabachon Necklace
Leafy Tile Necklace
Fish Lariat Necklace
Buckle Necklace
Eyeglass Leash
Leather and Clay Neclace
Twisted Bead Long Necklace
PC and glitter beads neclace
Donut Necklace 
Metal Look Gold Leaf Necklace
Clay Snake Pendant
Flower Disc Pendant
Dream Doll Pendant
Jelly Roll Pendant
Miniature May Flower Masks
Puffed Mask Pendant
Leaf Fossil Pendant
Mokume Gane Hearts
Clay and Wire Pendant
Asian Tasseled Pendant
Brass framed clay pendant
Japanese Doll Pendant
Kimono Pendant
Kimono Pendant (2)
Kato Pendant
Flower Pendant
Spring Flower Pendant (PDF)
Autumn Leaf Pendant (PDF)
Key Collage Pendants
Mica Stencil Pendant
Mosaic Pendant
Clay and Paper
Stamped Dragon Pendant
Stamped Pendant
3-D Shapelet Pendant
Ivory(bone) horn
Ivory(bone)  pendant
Transfer Pendant
Lazertran Rattle Pendant
Lazertran Oval Pendant
Renaissance Pendant
Mini Notebook Pendant
Book Pendant
Barbara's Scrappy Swirls
Polymer Clay Matchbox Pendant
Pearlized Leaf Pendant Necklace
Faux Turquoise Rock
Faux Enamel Pendant
Faux Dichroic Pendants
Pink Flower Applique Pendant
Gold Leaf Donut Pendant
Eye of the Tiger Pendant
Judy Belcher Kaleidoscope Pendant
Faux Ceramic Pendants
Faux Leather Tags
Marble Picture Pendant
Envelope pin
Wacky Womens Pins
Decoupage Pins
Dichroic Illusions Pins
Mica Shift Pins
Texture Sheet Mica Shift Pin
MG Star and Heart Pins
Clay and Fabric Brooch
Photocopy Brooch
Faux Enamel Pin
New Baby Pin
Inset People Pins
Women Pins
American Flag Pin
American Flag Pin
Patriotic Flag Pin
Patriotic Flag Pins
Christmas Tree Pin
Stamped Pin
Textured Pins
Medieval Brooch
Heart Pin
Seed Bead Pin
Christmas Spiders
Collage Pin
Layered Inks Pendant
Antique Fragments
Stamped Buttons
Easy Buttons
Simple But Elegant Buttons