... and their work

When I got my internet connection in the summer of 2003 I had been working, off and on, with polymer clay for a number of years. Online, through PCC, I learned that I knew next to nothing about the stuff. The immense amount of information available on the PCC website and the member's willingness to share their experience and expertise has helped me reach a higher level in this art form.

Some of the members have websites, blogs or photoalbums where they show their work, some have webshops where they sell their art - here's everything, from renouned artists to absolute beginners.
All with one thing in common - the love for this versatile art medium.

Adria Filion
Alan V. James
Andrea Beeler
Anita (Birdums)
Ann Rismiller
Barbara Fajardo
Barbara Forbes-Lyons
Bettina Welker
C. A. Therien
Candice A. Mathewson
Carolyn Jordan
Carolyn Stearns
Cheryl Harris
Christi Friesen
Christy Sherman
Connie Pelkey
Cris van de Winckle
Darla Sargeant
Darleen Bellan
Dawn Naylor
Desiree McCrorey
Donna Kato
Elaine Robitaille
Elise Winters
Emma Ralph
Fae Moon
Ginger Martin
Heather Stokes
Iris Mishly

Jana Roberts Benzon

Jackie Sieben
Janet Wilson
Jayne Hoffman
Jean Sheppard
Jenn Dorion
Jenny Comstedt
Jenny Cox
Jenny Patterson
Judy Dunn
Julie Leir VanSickle
Julie Picarello
Julie Picarello
Karen Perry
Kathi Gose
Katherine Dewey
Kathy Weinberg
Keith Brown
Kerstin Rupprecht
Kim Cavender
Kim Korringa
Leigh Ross 
Libby Mills
Linda Maddox
Linda Weeks
Lisa Pavelka
Lisa Perreault
Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg
Macy Hall
Melanie Dilday
Melanie West
Melissa Mullins
Mia Rox
Michelle Davis Petelinx
Mona Kissel
Naama Zamir
Nancy Welch
Pat Osmundsen
Ponsawan Sila
Rebecca Wells Stout
Robert Wiley
Sally Sotelo
Sandie Weatherford
Sara Pearsall
Sarajane Helm
Scott Mizevitz
Sherry Bailey
Syndee Holt
Tamara Marble
Teresa Kintner Gunnell
Tommy Howell
Tonja Lendermann
Twila (Inspired)
Valerie Hollis
Vesta Giles
Wanda Shum